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Hope Restored: Symposium

May 11, 2019 @ 11:00 am

What is our New Brunswick identity? How do we address the complex social problems we face so we are more cohesive, not divided? A two-day event that throws conventional on its ear to open dialogue about who we are and how we meet our needs.

The list of sessions is delightfully extensive!

Please find more details about each event in the links to their individual social events below.

Check back for more information as the days draw nearer!

WHAT IS THE SYMPOSIUM ABOUT? scroll to bottom for info

——————–SATURDAY, MAY 11th———————-

Saturday, May 11th
10am, Loyalist House
Stories our Loyalist Ancestors Told
Featuring Clyde Wray & David Goss

Saturday, May 11th
10am, Saint John Free Public Library
A NEW twist on a time-honoured tradition: the annual library book sale will take place inside the library throughout the symposium weekend!

Saturday, May 11th
11am, Saint John Tool Library & DIY centre
Building Community: Charcuterie Board Workshop & Talking Circle
Build a charcuterie board & discuss community asset building
Facilitated by Brent Harris
REGISTRATION IS LIMITED; dialogue open to all observers that the space can hold!

Saturday, May 11th
Weaving Together: Tartan as Culture
Join Queens County Heritage and Loomcrofters Studio – designers of the RCAF and NB Tartans – for a discussion and behind-the-scenes peak at tartan design and development in New Brunswick.
See an original loom setup at Market Square by the Question Corner and Fireside Chat Space
Facilitated by Bruce Thomson

Saturday, May 11th
1pm, Admiral Beatty
A Place to Call Home: Heritage&The Arts
Facilitated by Harold Wright, with live music and painting as knowledge translators

Saturday, May 11th
1pm Lunchtime at Asian Heritage Month Multicultural Market at Saint John City Market *market hours run from City Market open to close; first come, first served!

Saturday, May 11th
2pm, Eighty Three Bar Arcade
Questions Out Of Place: New Brunswick Identities
featuring trade secrets from the NB Pinball Champion
Facilitated by Arif Hussain, Speakeasy Arts Series

Saturday, May 11th
2pm, Saint John Free Public Library
#makenewcomerslocal Saturday Social

Saturday, May 11th
4pm, Afternoon Recess at O’Leary’s Pub

Saturday, May 11th
5pm, Happinez Wine Bar
(Be)Coming Home
Katie Wallace (facilitator), Andrea Kikuchi (tone setter), and Clyde Wray (knowledge translator)

Saturday, May 11th
7pm, Five and Dime
Hand in Hand
Food, music, and drink: the ingredients of a proper maritimer social!
Make your own Ghanian hand pie with guidance from Sankara‘s Chef Stacy
*free of charge, open to the public (19+)



Hope Restored – Spem Reduxit – L’espoir Renaît: Symposium

The first footsteps of our New Brunswick lineages found this soil 13,000 years ago.
485 years ago, the next group of intrepid voyageurs joined them.
Two centuries later, refugees also found this land and its peoples, and shaped the official boundaries of our province into New Brunswick as we know it today.

Spem Reduxit – Hope Restored – L’espoir Renaît.
These words proudly emblazoned the provincial coat of arms when the borders we know as New Brunswick were shaped, and our province was officially founded.

235 years on from this founding, does this same pride and hope resonate with the identity of what it means to be of New Brunswick? How does this affect our ability to be more cohesive or more fragmented as a society, and to meet our needs as individuals, communities, and a province?

Such is the foundation of the upcoming symposium with the theme of our provincial motto, Spem Reduxit – Hope Restored – L’espoir Renaît.

The symposium is being hosted May 10&11 in various cultural spaces throughout Uptown Saint John. All residents of New Brunswick are welcomed to attend and participate.

The issues we face as a province are too complex for us to address from only one perspective. There are many voices that comprise our collective identity, and in order to understand the problems that divide us, we must come together and share the stories of who we are, and how we can work together to meet our needs.

The symposium’s purpose is three-fold:
– disrupting silos: collaborative dialogue to address complex social problems that cannot be resolved from only one perspective
– busy hands; open hearts: cultural expression in the form of live arts as a means to foster these collaborations and create a space of
– hope was restored: curated sessions designed with the spirit of our provincial motto and its origin, hosted in small-scale spaces throughout Uptown

The sessions will be hosted as talking circles, each with facilitator, tone setters, and knowledge translators. The symposium is both multi-sectoral and interdisciplinary – this means it will act as a way for various stakeholders, from individuals to regional organizations, to propose and host a component of the symposium so that together we can address complex problems that will allow for a more comprehensive whole to emerge.

All components of the event are open to all who call New Brunswick ‘home’ – whether for generations or for days. No person will be denied entry because of financial constraint.

Each session of Hope Restored – Spem Reduxit – L’espoir Renaît will feature a facilitator, tone setter, and knowledge translator. What does this mean? We will have those participating in the talking circles be guided not by one expert, but by three separate individuals that will ask questions, set the tone, and capture the essence of our dialogues.

Stephany Peterson
Symposium Curator
Founder, Ampersand Collaborations Perluète