Buskers on the Bay Festival 2018

Featured Performers:

Angus and Matilda – are The Circus Firemen!  They turn up the heat with high-energy acrobatics, red hot juggling and searing Australian comedy.  In their death-defying finale, they will attempt to balance precariously on 2 ladders while juggling fire!  Sure to impress and entertain; it’s firemen themed circus at its very best.

Victor Rubilar – a passionate journey about love and laughter manifested in a football.  After winning 20 international awards and 5 Guinness World Records, Victor’s highly technical talents are to be taken seriously.  This cheeky and irreverent yet charming Argentinian tickles the funny-bone of all who watch.  Never taking himself too seriously, he knows how to have fun and get the audience laughing with him.  The show culminates in a unique ‘knock your socks off’ juggling set that only Victor can perform.  He combines juggling with footballs, dance and audience interaction to create a 30-45 minute show that is like a party on stage.

Hannah Cryle – the show with a big personality, Hannah has brought her friend Cornelius the massive German Wheel to the street.  You will see Hannah contorting herself through rings, spinning and rolling through the wheel.  Your head will spin while your hands turn rounds of applause.


Silent Soapbox – is a living statuary and performance art company, launched off of the characters created by Tara Smith, a street performer from Massachusetts. Tara is most well-known for an alabaster statue named Lily who is often seen on the streets of WaterFire in Providence, Rhode Island.

The Montgomery St. Band is a four piece string band.  New Brunswick-born Patrick Gushue (mandolin/fiddle), Liam Keith-Jacques (guitar/dobro), Scott Michaud (banjo/guitar), and Calum Jackson (Mariachi bass/guitar) have dedicated themselves to carrying on the folk music traditions of the Maritimes.  Along with masterful instrumentation, the band mates also take turns leading four- part vocal harmonies.  These avid street performers boast an extensive catalogue of old time music while also incorporating the blazing tempos and dynamic energy of a full fledged jam band.

Roberto Herruzo – born in 1977 began to play at the early age of 8 years, he is self-taught and manufactures his own instruments.

DidgEra’s global grooves cross cultural boundaries of the past, with tribal rhythmic roots, while embracing reggae-dub, house, Jazz, chillout and dance.  Earthy world music that frees the spirit and nourishes the soul.